Caring for Your Furry Friends

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      Cathy & Raina

We've both been grooming for over 3 decades. (whew... times flies when you love what you do!)


Both running successful grooming businesses and because of a dog named Tiger (a long story for another time), they joined forces in 1996 . Cathy was “Best Friends Grooming “ and Raina was “Raina’s Grooming," thus the unusual name of “Best Friends and Raina’s Grooming”.

We joined together and combined our specialized skills and talents to create the much sought after grooming styles of today.

The fundamentals of our salon is not just about grooming, but also the well being of your pets.


Experiencing many health issues with our own pets led us on a path of educating ourselves on natural pet health. Researching on helping our own pets led us to incorporating products, services and guidance to help our clients with their own pets.


Our passion is helping YOU take care of your pets needs from the inside out for your pet’s Mind, Body and Soul.




For the love of style, design and the passion of well being.

Our Team

We couldn't do what we do everyday without our professional hard working team.

Master Pet Stylist 

Cathy Williams

Master Pet Stylist 

Raina Addy

Ashley Reiter

Pet Stylist / Receptionist

Daycare Attendant

Rebecca Matthews

Pet Stylist / Receptionist