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Liver & Kidney Cleanse Since 2008


INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT- Liver & kidney cleanse.


Only The Best Ingredients Belong in an Amber Bottle!

  •  A safe and reliable detox that helps eliminate unwanted chemicals, waste, toxins & heavy metals from the body.
  •  Supports healthy liver & kidney functions.
  •  Assists the body in naturally correcting chronic skin problems & other imbalances related to liver & kidneys.
  •  Liver & kidney cleanse formula with added immune support!

For use in dogs & cats only.


LIVER & KIDNEYS. A 30-day body cleanse that
helps support the body’s natural cleansing and the
rejuvenating process of the liver and kidneys.



  • Promotes Normal, Healthy Liver & Kidney
  • Helps the Body Reduce Toxicity.
  • Helps the Body Clean the Blood & Lymphatic System.
  • Helps the Body Regulate Fat Metabolism
    Promotes Digestion

Internal Gold Detox Kit

  • Do Not Mix

    The products contained in the Internal Gold Detox kit should not be used with these Amber Technology products:

    • DermaNERV
    • Hawthorn & Dandelion
    • HWF
    • Radox
    • Tumoxil
    • TYD


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