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YD For Pets


Thyroids Balance For Pets Since 1999


TYD – A powerful thyroid support formula for pets.

Only The Best Ingredients Belong in an Amber Bottle!

  •  Supports normal thyroid functions.
  •  Assists in drawing unwanted chemicals, toxins, pollutants & heavy metals from the thyroid.
  •  Supports normal hormone balance.
  •  Supports calmness, strength, and balance.

Thyroid Balance 1oz

SKU: 671253175371
  • Do Not Mix

    TYD Should Not Be Used With These Amber NatrualZ, Inc. Products:

    • Canine-DT
    • DermaNERV
    • Hawthorne & Dandelion
    • Kidney Rejuvenator
    • Numo Care For Dogs
    • NUmo Care-C For Cats
    • Radox
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