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Immune Support Since 2004


VIBACTRA- a powerful safe immune support for pets.

Only The Best Ingredients Belong in an Amber Bottle!

  •  High in antioxidants.
  •  Promotes a healthy immune system.
  •  Fights free radicals.
  •  Helps support & maintain healthy bacteria in the body.


Vibactra 1oz Box Set

  • Do Not Mix

    Vibactra Should Not Be Used With These Amber Technology Products:

    • HWF
    • Kochi Free
    • Reptaid
    • Reptaid XL
    • Tossa K
    • UTR
    • Vibactra Plus
  • Free shipping for Canadian orders over $150.00.

    $5.00 shipping fee for orders within Ontario.

    $10.00 Canada wide shipping fee for orders under $150.00

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